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It was a special day. April 23 2016. It was my son’s First Holy Communion.  And it was a very special occasion. A very special celebration. The mass was the highlight of the day. My son’s receiving the holy communion for the very first time is and will always be a landmark event. It is something like a right of passage.

At home we prepared something for friends and family. One of which is the dessert called quesillo.

This recipe was taught to me by a Venezuelan friend. Thus, this is a Venezuelan dessert. It is a simple dessert to make. If I can do it, so can you.

Let’s get started.


  • Eggs – 10 pcs
  • Condensed milk – 2 cans
  • Evaporated milk (use cans of the condensed milk for measurement)
  • Vanilla extract – 2 Tbsp.
  • White sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Water – 1/4 cup
  • Quesillera



Ingredients: Sugar, Milk, Condensed Milk (2 cans), 10 Eggs, Vanilla Extract


Part 1:

Preparing the quesillera with the caramelized sugar.

1. Place the quesillera on stove.

2. Place the sugar and water in the quesillera. Stir until sugar dissolves.

Pour sugar in he quesillera

Pour sugar in the quesillera

3. Bring the heat up until the sugar starts to caramelize. It is important to monitor the sugar once it starts to         caramelize because if left unattended it may burn.

Caramelize the sugar.

Caramelize the sugar.

You’ll never know what happens when you cook.

When you love what you're doing, it shows in the food you cook.

When you love what you’re doing, it shows in the food you cook.

4. Once the sugar has evenly caramelized, remove the quesillera from the heat and let it cool. Set aside.

Part 2:

Preparing the custard.

Place all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and mix. 10 eggs. 2 small cans of condensed milk. Use the empty condensed milk cans as measuring cups for the evaporated milk. Pour in the mixing bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract.

Mix the ingredients together: 10 eggs, condensed milk, milk, vanilla extract.

Mix the ingredients together: 10 eggs, condensed milk, milk, vanilla extract.

Putting it all together.


Two parts of the dessert.

Pour the custard mix into the quesillera.

Pour the egg and milk mix to the quesillera.

Pour the egg and milk mix to the quesillera.




Put the quesillera in a steamer and cover with foil so the steam will not go to the custard. Steam in low-to-medium heat for one hour.  Note: putting the heat on hi-medium or high will force bubbles in the finished product.


Put the quesillera in the steamer. Cover with foil. Steam for at least one hour or when the mix stiffens.


After an hour check to see if the custard has cooked through. Stick a toothpick in the custard.  If nothing sticks to the toothpick, the quesillo is cooked.

Let the quesillo cool down before handling!

Challenge: Place your serving platter on the quesillera, and in one quick movement, flip everything over. Let the quesilla slide out of the quesillera by itself.

Invert the quesillera on your serving platter. Invert. Let rest to let the quesillo separate from the quesillero.


At the end of this endeavor, you may find that this recipe is very much like the Filipino dessert, leche flan. There are some subtle differences in how they are made and cooked. We’ll discuss the difference later on in one of my future blogs. For now, try this recipe and enjoy!

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