Beef Kaldereta

Beef kaldereta (sometimes spelled as caldereta) is another party or fiesta or special occasion dish. Beef Kaldereta takes some time to cook, around two to three hours. Preparing the ingredients is easy. But the searing of the carrots, potatoes and beef to lock in the flavors does take some time – not to mention the simmering of the beef in tomato sauce and coconut milk to make it melt-in-the-mouth tender.

My father always gets the Batangas beef. These are grass-fed cows that roam freely in farms. My father has a Batangueño friend who has a farm, and this friend supplies my father with the best cuts of beef for the kaldereta.

Whenever we have relatives coming over from Tacloban, or from abroad, or when we celebrate Christmas or a birthday, my parents would always find a way to squeeze in this hearty dish.

I hope you try this beef kaldereta recipe, and enjoy it with your family.

Beef Kaldereta



Beef Kaldereta; Dads Home-cooked Meals; Lutong-bahay, Lutong-tatay

Ingredients: Beef Kaldereta


  • Garlic
  • Red Onion
  • Beef
  • Potatoes – peeled, quartered
  • Carrots – peeled, sliced
  • Fish Sauce – 1/4 cup
  • Ground Pepper
  • Tomato Sauce – 398 ml (1 can)
  • Coconut Milk – 400ml (1 can)
  • Red and Green Bell Pepper – sliced
  • Red Chili Pepper (Siling Labuyo) – sliced thinly – 1 pc.



Let’s cook!

Part 1:

  1. Heat pan and add oil.
  2. Sear Beef, Potatoes and carrots.

    Sear beef.

    Sear potatoes.

    Sear carrots.

  3. Set aside.


Part 2:

  1. Saute garlic, and red onion.
  2. Add beef. Cover and leave to cook for 15 – 30 mins. Stir occasionally. No need to add water because as the beef cooks, it releases water.
  3. Add fish sauce and pepper. Stir.

    Add fish sauce (patis).

    Add pepper.

  4. Add tomato sauce. Simmer for 30 – 45 mins.
  5. Add coconut milk. Simmer for 15 – 30 mins.
  6. Add Potatoes, carrots red and green bell peppers. Simmer until potatoes and carrots are fork tender.

    Add potatoes.

    Add carrots

    Add red and green bell peppers

  7. Add red chili pepper. Stir.

Serve! Enjoy!

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