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I can’t recall when or where I first tasted this wonderful tasty dish. But what I can tell you is how satisfying it was when I first tried it. I have always known bagoong as kind of a “sauce”. It is something you add to other dishes like kare-kare to complement the main dish’s taste. …

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There are times when something from the distant past comes up all of a sudden, triggered probably by a conversation or sometimes something more subtle. This memory surfaced when my family was having lunch at home. We were talking about this Spanish recipe my wife and I often ordered when we went to Anne’s or …

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Liliw, Laguna is known for its fresh tomatoes and lanzones, not to mention it is the slipper capital of the Philippines. La Loma and Cebu are known for their lechon. Rizal is famous for its suman and other glutinous rice desserts. Baguio is known for its fresh vegetables. Negros is known as the sugar capital. …

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Beef Kaldereta

Beef kaldereta (sometimes spelled as caldereta) is another party or fiesta or special occasion dish. Beef Kaldereta takes some time to cook, around two to three hours. Preparing the ingredients is easy. But the searing of the carrots, potatoes and beef to lock in the flavors does take some time – not to mention the …

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Lumpiang Sariwa (Hubad)

The first time I tasted fresh lumpia was way back in the late 70s in Unimart in Greehills. It was love at first bite! My father brought me along to do our groceries and before going home he treated me to this delightful dish. After that and so many years later, I would still go …

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Callos 1.0

It is not very often that my father prepares something exotic for us. Growing up in Manila in the 70s and 80s was quite an exciting time. The Philippines was under Martial Law and it was also the start of civil disobedience which led to the People Power Revolution in 1986. During these turbulent times …

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Chicken Macaroni Salad

For a lot of people, Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Both for children and grown-ups, the thought of receiving a present or maybe giving a present to someone special aside from family makes this a very special time of the year. I remember the Misa de Gallo that begins on December …

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Corned Beef

Here in North America school starts in September which means fall is just around the corner. This year fall officially begins September 22. School days start at 8:30 AM. If you need to prepare an easy no hassle breakfast, you can cook up this corned beef breakfast. This is a recipe prepared by my father …

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Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup

Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup

The first snow fall for 2016 has finally come, and what better way to warm the heart, the stomach and the family on such cold freezing temperatures than hot soup. This recipe is not a family recipe. I just picked it up from somewhere. But definitely I know it is Asian because it has lemon …

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It has been quite some time! Welcome back! Busy as a bee. Work has kept me very busy and quite unavailable to sit down and write an honest to goodness post. But I am here. Still here. It was a special day. April 23 2016. It was my son’s First Holy Communion. ¬†And it was …

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