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It has been quite some time! Welcome back! Busy as a bee. Work has kept me very busy and quite unavailable to sit down and write an honest to goodness post. But I am here. Still here. It was a special day. April 23 2016. It was my son’s First Holy Communion.  And it was …

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Chicken Sandwich

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Chicken Sandwich Growing up in a family of four children is a tremendous task.  Imagine waking up every morning to prepare breakfast and snacks/baon for all of us.  Aside from our lunches, my mother used to make eight sandwiches every day for the four of us. I could still remember my mother preparing ham sandwiches. …

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Today was a slow humid hot but rainy Sunday afternoon.  The family was feeling a bit lazy. It was already 4 in the afternoon.  Usually the kids have their merienda at this time. How creative can I get? With my NEW stove-top grill at hand, I asked myself what can I prepare …

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